Graham, Anderson, Probst & White has provided superior and innovative designs for public and private clients across the country for over 125 years. As one of the nation's oldest and most prominent architectural firms, the firm has always remained at the forefront of building technology as well as design philosophy. Graham, Anderson, Probst & White's personnel today works to continue that tradition of excellence in its designs for the firm's five practice areas: Corporate; Academic; Technology; Historic; & Housing.

The practice areas are under the direction of principals that have specialization in each of these particular areas so as to provide the most knowledgeable response to our client's needs in these areas. Each professional provides leadership and expertise throughout the duration of the project, utilizing the unique knowledge that comes from the specialization in each of the following areas.


Graham Anderson Probst & White's Corporate practice specializes in the design of environments for collaboration and exchange between individuals working together toward a common goal. Whether the building is a corporate headquarters or a government office, the design must serve to support and focus the efforts of the users on their common goals, as well as meet new expectations and still adapt to the inevitable changes that lay ahead.


The firm's Academic practice serves educational institutions with environments that enhance the acquisition of knowledge. In today's fast changing world, learning is no longer just for the young but a lifelong pursuit, from higher education to career education. This has resulted in the need for unique educational spaces that can accommodate new teaching methods. Graham, Anderson, Probst and White has worked with more than a dozen colleges and universities to create new educational facilities that address issues that face educational institutions today, as well as tomorrow.


The Historic practice focuses on projects with specialized needs related to construction materials and methods. The scope of this practice ranges from the preservation and restoration of older historic structures to corrective rehabilitation work on deteriorated structures. These projects regardless of age or importance, benefit from the same carefully implemented project approach, which ensures that the project team has a thorough understanding of the building and the source of its problems.


Graham, Anderson, Probst & White's Technology practice develops environments that allow for the exploration of knowledge and the transfer of information. Technology is an ever growing force in our increasingly information based world. Today's facilities must accommodate instantaneous adaptability, short-term flexibility, and long-term growth. The firm works to meet and exceed the challenges of our clients, whose products are developing and changing at ever accelerating speeds.


Graham, Anderson, Probst & White's Housing Practice ranges from low income housing, student housing to luxury condominiums. The design approach is similar for each project type. The goal is to develop living environments in which the occupants can feel a sense of place and pride. This is accomplished through the arrangement of spaces, use of materials, views to the outdoors and the scale of the project and its relationship to the neighborhood.

As the firm has progressed through the many decades, these five practices are the evolution of the firm today. Graham, Anderson, Probst & White is prepared to lead its clients into the millennium with award winning design, technological expertise and valuable insight of the facilities of tomorrow.

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